FLEXXBUY Retail Customer Financing

Are you losing out on sales because consumers don’t have the money or credit to close the deal? Are your current lending products too expensive for those individuals with better credit?

Flexxbuy can provide your business with a multi-lender customer financing platform that will provide all consumers, regardless of credit, with a Buy Now, Pay Later solution.  

And now, qualified businesses can offer 100 percent guaranteed customer financing to every consumer that comes through the door.

Flexxbuy Retail Business Partners and their customers can realize the following benefits (all in one easy to use portal):

Giving consumers multiple options for paying might be the difference between making a sale and turning a customer away.

As a matter of fact, you will certainly see a substantial increase in traffic to your business by simply letting the people in your community know you have flexible payment options.


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What do you have to lose?

Get signed up and start advertising that you have No Credit Check Financing Available or Flexible Financing Options Available and see what happens.

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