Flexxbuy Auto Repair Consumer Financing

Are you losing sales because consumers don’t have the money or credit to close the deal?

Are you losing revenue because customers must short-change their repair due to lack of funds?

We can provide your business with sub-prime and no credit check options for those that need it as well as provide customers that demand better a competitive lending option through our groundbreaking Multi-Lender Customer Financing Platform, consumers with credit scores as low as 550 can get a competitive loan.

Flexxbuy can provide your business a way of getting these people into your business and making them happy new customers by offering flexible, extended payment terms regardless of credit rating.

Gain a competitive advantage by reaching an untapped marketplace of eager consumers your competition is ignoring. These people have gone without long enough and want to purchase what you sell and now there is a way you can help them do just that.

Our lenders understand today’s consumers and looks at them in a different way by simply understanding that past credit indiscretions should not disqualify them from affordable payment solutions.

FLEXX AUTO Business Partners and their customers can realize the following benefits:

Giving consumers multiple options for paying might be the difference between closing a sale and turning a customer away.

As a matter of fact, you will certainly see a substantial increase in traffic to your business by simply letting the people in your community know you have flexible payment options.

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What do you have to lose?

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