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Flexxbuy Patient Financing Will Approve Patients When Traditional Financing Options Can’t Help

Are your prospective patients getting turned down or under-approved by Care Credit or other traditional lenders?

Are you put into the difficult position of turning away a patient in need of care?

You’re not alone. Thousands of healthcare providers face this dilemma every single day.

More and more people than ever before, lack the insurance they need to receive appropriate care or face high co-payments with catastrophic insurance plans. They walk around in discomfort or get sicker by the day because they lack the resources required to be treated.

Now, there is an answer!

Flexxbuy Patient Financing can help your patients get the care they need by offering them flexible, extended payment terms regardless of credit.

Flexxbuy Patient Financing, provides your practice with a risk free financing alternative that eliminates the need to ever have to collect a payment. You get paid whether or not the patient makes their payments.

FLEXX MD Partners and their clients can realize the following benefits:

  • Multi-lender platforms available
  • Financing amounts up to $30,000 or higher
  • Terms up t0 60 months
  • Flexible credit options down to 600 FICO Score
  • 0% Discount Program Available
  • No recourse to the Provider on defaulted consumer payments
  • Decisions that take a matter of seconds
  • Same-as Cash Promotions up to 24 Months
  • Easy, pain free processing
  • Pre-funding up to 14 days ahead of procedure
  • Provider receives their funds within 72 hours, in most cases

Giving prospective patients alternative options for paying their fees can be the difference between retaining a patient or turning one away.

Stop taking unnecessary risks on patients that don’t have the money, credit availability, or credit score high enough to get approved by Care Credit. Let Flexxbuy Patient Financing close the gap.

And imagine the increase in business you will realize by simply letting the people in your community know you have flexible payment options.


What do you have to lose?

Get signed up and start advertising that you have All Credit Financing and see what happens.

So don’t delay. Complete the form on this page to learn more about becoming a Flexxbuy Partner.