FLEXXBUY helps businesses increase revenue by providing them with a one application, multiple lender customer financing option to handle a broad range of consumers, regardless of credit. Through it’s state of the art technology and end-to-end support, FLEXXBUY provides businesses of all kind with a solution that  drives prospective customers and make sales they would otherwise never have.  

People that use FLEXXBUY have all kinds of credit. Some consumers that utilize customer financing have what is considered sub-prime credit. Most have fair or better credit. FLEXXBUY has integrated many lenders to handle most circumstances. And now, through FlexxALL, Flexxbuy can offer qualified businesses a one-hundred percent guaranteed customer financing solution that will approve every applicant.    

Approvals are based on many factors. Each lender has its own system of vetting the applicant in order to weigh the risk against default. While many of the lenders understand that these consumers may come with higher risks, they minimize them by looking for signs of financial stability and solvency. Here’s the thing. Applying is almost always risk free since it results in no credit inquiry and there is never an obligation to go forward. And through its broad array of lenders, most applicants are able to find an appropriate match to meet their needs.

Every individual needs to weigh their own circumstances and determine what is best. FLEXXBUY primarily operates through soft credit pulls therefore an application to review options is risk free. We typically tell businesses that if the customer has other choices, they should consider them if they are more favorable than the finance terms offered. Often, people prefer to utilize customer financing. It frees up their other resources and is more favorable, from the standpoint of credit scoring, than using a credit card. We advise the businesses that work with us to explore all options with their customer to find the one best for them and the customer. Our loans come with no pre-payment penalty so consumers often take our loan to free up their resources with the idea of paying it off down the road.

Unfortunately, no, but if your business is qualified to offer FlexxALL and you choose to implement it, you will have the ability to offer guaranteed financing to every consumer.    

As a business, you may have other customer financing options available to you. FLEXXBUY’s secret sauce is its single application, many lenders approach to customer financing as well as the large number of lenders in its platform. In addition, FLEXXBUY is able to provide customer financing to businesses, that in the past, were unable to utilize it. With FLEXXBUY, factors that often disqualify businesses, such as time in business, revenue, place and method of sale are not stumbling block. Even businesses considered high risk can be set up with FLEXXBUY’s Buy Now, Pay Later customer financing solution.  

Each program is different and we will customize a package that best fits your business needs. Our programs vary from being able to accommodate a few hundred dollars all the way to $100,000 (sometimes higher).

All of our programs will provide decisions in a matter of seconds.

Depending on the program, the term can be from 12 months all the way to 10 years.

Typically, you will be paid your money within 1 to 3 business days.

FLEXXBUY charges a one-time $299 platform setup fee. There are no monthly fees just to be associated with FLEXXBUY. In addition, just like when processing a credit card, utilizing customer financing comes with a discount or finance fee. The fees will vary depending on lender or solution.  A FLEXXBUY   representative can go over the solutions and  costs associated with providing a customized customer financing solution to your customers. To receive a customized proposal, click here

Probably, and here is why. FLEXXBUY can either replace existing financing or supplement it. Today, a high percentage of people are getting turned down for traditional credit based financing. There are people that would have gotten approved in the past. FLEXXBUY can help many of those people achieve their objective and do business with you. Also, there are many people who don’t bother coming to your business because they know their credit is bad and won’t qualify for traditional finance options. FLEXXBUY is a low risk customer financing alternative that will help drive more people to your business.

Most businesses can qualify for one of the FLEXXBUY programs though there are some restricted business types. If your business type is unacceptable or restricted, we will tell you.

Our programs are non-recourse against missed payments or defaults.

You can complete this easy merchant application, click here