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Did you know that seventy percent of consumers who utilize financing say they would not have made the sale if not for customer financing?

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With Flexxbuy, one simple customer application is submitted to one platform containing over 35 lenders for decisions within seconds.  

It really couldn’t be easier.

If a customer can’t afford to pay for your product or service in full or in part, simply provide them with your unique application link and get them qualified in no time at all with no risk what-so-ever. 

Our lenders cover the gambit of consumers. For those with excellent credit expecting low, single digit interest rates, to those with sub-prime credit and not desirable for most lenders. We even have an everyone is approved, guaranteed, financing option for qualified businesses.  

The process to become a Flexxbuy business partner is easy.


Complete our simple on-line merchant application and submit a business check and some proof of business.


We will build your customized loan application landing page and unique application url


You will receive our welcome email and get access to our client resource center


You can begin submitting applications through the portal and help your customers fund their sales

We can typically have you up and running within a couple of business days.

Here’s our promise to you. Since our success is tied to your success, we will never be satisfied until you are getting the results you expect.

Together, we make a team.

Complete the form on the right and explore your customer financing possibilities. Let FLEXXBUY help you grow your business starting today.

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