Become a Flexxbuy Sales/Referral Partner

Get Paid Every Month by Helping Businesses Grow Their Sales Revenue

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Get paid every time a new merchant you sell or refer enrolls with Flexxbuy ABSOLUTELY No Risk.

Get paid a one-time enrollment commission

Manages the sale and enrollment of new Flexxbuy clients.

Earn residuals every time the business uses Flexxbuy

Earn a lifetime of passive income on the businesses you deliver.

Get paid on utilization for life.

Who we are

Flexxbuy is a U.S. leader in providing businesses with a Buy Now, Pay Later alternative for their customers. It provides financing platforms and programs to businesses across almost every vertical, regardless of size, time in business, sales approach, and type of business location.

Every Flexxbuy client benefits from the one application, multi-lender platform that makes it easy to extend payment options beyond cash or credit. Flexxbuy’s lenders will accommodate consumers across the credit and financial spectrum.

What we do

Flexxbuy can provide almost every business with a Buy Now, Pay Later Customer Financing Strategy.

Flexxbuy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is different and has unique needs. Our goal is to provide each business with a solutions package that best fits their product/service and sales strategy. And because we understand that customer financing is not your primary focus, we provide our clients with a Concierge Program that will tailor a strategy that best fits customer financing into your marketing, sales and support flow.

All You Need To Know About The Flexxbuy Partner Program:

Are there any fees to join?

There is no fee to become a Flexxbuy Sales Partner.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Flexxbuy charges no costs to be a Sales Partner. Now, you may decide to invest in your business when it comes to marketing Flexxbuy, but that’s entirely up to you. 

How do you track my enrolled clients?

In most cases, the merchant application will indicate that you are the sales source of record. We also have a an easy on-line form where you can register any business that you are working with. This will protect your interests. 

How and when do I get paid?

We process enrollment fee commissions approximately every Friday on submitted accounts activated the previous week.

We process residual commissions approximately on the 25th of each month for loans funded and made commissionable the previous month .  You are paid residual fees for life on clients that you are responsible for. 

Am I able to refer other people to become Flexxbuy Sales Partners?

Yes, we have an override system that will pay you on residuals that realized from businesses attributed to a Sales Partner you refer.

Are there ever charge-backs on commissions earned?

The only time we will charge back a commission is when we refund the fees collected from the business. This rarely occurs. 

What do you provide to help me succeed in this business?

We provide everything you require through our comprehensive Agent Resources. We also have a quick start approach that can help any Sales/Referral Partner start selling Flexxbuy almost immediately.