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If you have a high ticket product or service, customer financing should not be considered a luxury. It should be an important tool in your business arsenal. 

Studies have found that seventy-seven percent of consumers making a major purchase seek financing and that nearly half of all consumers that use financing say that they wouldn’t have completed the sale without it and Flexxbuy offers perhaps the most robist platform in the industry. 

In a nutshell, if you don’t offer customer financing, you are sending a large chunk of your potential business to your competition. And that’s a shame. 

Even when it comes to people that may have a choice on how to pay, financing often makes the sale that much easier. 

Think about the last time you purchased a car. How reasonable would it have been if you had to think of your purchase as a $20,000 buy instead of a $279 per month buy? It’s a lot easier for someone to wrap their brain around adding a payment to their budget rather than a large lump sum amount. Perhaps that is why the average sale amount is as much as twenty percent higher for people that utilize financing.

So, maybe you’re convinced that you now need to offer financing in the same way you do credit cards. Then, why Flexxbuy.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to customer financing solutions. Lenders decide which businesses they will work with based on the industry, size, age, location and how the business sells it’s products and services. They may ask for financial data and other documentation. They may even pull a personal and/or business credit report. And that’s before we even start talking about the customer. Some lenders only want prime credit individuals. Some are tailored for people with sub-prime or even poor credit. 

Flexxbuy cuts out the hassle. We’ll ask for minimal documentation and we never pull a credit report on you or your business.

When you’re approved with Flexxbuy, you automatically get as many as 10 lenders in one neat platform. Your prospective customer will complete one application that is instantly distributed to all the lenders in our platform and within seconds, the decisions will start coming in. And we have lenders that will accommodate credit across the entire credit spectrum. If one of our lenders won’t approve the application, chances are, no lender will.

And that’s only our core platform. If your business qualifies, we’ll work on getting you established with some of our other lending partners. And whenever we get a new lender that will perhaps fit your needs,  we’ll give you that lender as well. 

You really have little to lose. Let Flexxbuy show you how to profitably and easily add customer financing to your business and help your business grow.


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