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FLEXXBUY not only serves most industries with sales from a few hundred dollars all the way to $50,000.00, it serves almost every type of sale .

When it comes to payment options, the more opportunities you offer your customers, the more likely their satisfaction with your business as a whole will increase.  When you provide financing, you are telling your customers that you care and you want to help them complete their purchase regardless of their financial background or credit standing.

FLEXXBUY can help businesses of all types, sizes, age and sales method.  Our customer financing platforms are customized to your needs. We work with over twenty lenders that are anxious to offer financing to the type of business and customers they focus on. It is our job to match you up with the right ones.

Some of the industries we focus on are:

  • FLEXXBUY Auto Repair Financing -Auto Repair Consumer Financing, including Tires & Rims, Transmissions, Parts, Body Work, Electrical and General Repair
  • FLEXXBUY Patient Financing– Patient Consumer Financing, including Dental, Orthodontics, Gastric Bypass,Cancer Treatments, Cosmetic, Elective, Vision Correction, Audiology, Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Stem Cell Treatment, Dermatology, Hair Restoration& Removal, Veterinary, Co-Pay Gaps, In Vitro Fertilization, Adoption, Funerals, and more
  • FLEXXNUY Home Repair and Improvement Financing– Home Services Customer Financing, including HVAC, Construction, Water Purification, Solar, Electrical, Awnings & Enclosures, Floors, Home Mobility,More
  • FLEXXBUY Retail Financing– Retail Consumer Financing including Furniture, Electronics, Appliances, Jewelry, Power Sports, Power Equipment, Mattresses, Musical Instruments, Sports Equipment, Pool Tables, Fitness Equipment, Web Based Sales, Much More
  • FLEXXBUY Vocational and Trade School Financing– Education Customer Financing including Secondary/Trade Schools, Vocational Schools, Camps, More
  • FLEXXBUY Attorney Retainer and Legal Fee Financing– Attorney Retainer & Fee Financing

These are just some of the more common industries. There are many other interesting businesses whose customers we are able to finance.

For a customized Financing Platform Proposal for your business, click here or complete the form on the right and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.