Discover How A High End Coaching Business Turned Prospects, With No Other Way Of Paying, Into $141,000 Of Sales In 30 Days!

It has never been more important to provide prospects with as many payment options as possible.

During the most difficult of times, both money and credit tighten up and for some, that means few options for making that needed purchase.

Flexxbuy’s primary goal and ambition is to give businesses every chance to not waste a sale opportunity particularly when a prospect really wants to move forward.

Our multi-lender financing platforms close that gap for many consumers and businesses, but still, there are times when an option is not available.

Flexxbuy’s EZPay Plan Plus Program allows businesses to offer any customer they want an affordable monthly payment option. And while the business gets paid monthly, if a service is sold, the payments are guaranteed even if the customer defaults on their loan.

Waiting for your money may not be ideal, but for many businesses, it’s better to get paid over time than not at all. And for many service businesses, there is very little risk since there is no or little tangible cost. 

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