FlexxExtend- In House Payment Plans For Customers

FlexxExtend- In House Payment Plan and Financing Solution For Your Customers

Combine our multi-lender customer financing solution with FlexxExtend and provide your business with a perfectly integrated one-two punch. Stop losing prospective customers and drive more people to your business with the lure of Easy Financing Solutions.

With FlexxExtend, we work with you on designing a customized easy-to-use automated online in-house financing alternative for customers who can’t get approved for third-party customer financing.

The proven technology platform behind FlexxExtend has enabled thousands of businesses to increase sales and enhance customer loyalty by providing a complete and totally customized solution that fits their business profile.

It allows you to design the perfect in-house financing platform for your business. You determine all the key loan parameter factors- dollar amount, down payment, credit/banking risk score and term. You decide the extent of the credit you want to extend to your customer. You can be selective or you can decide to offer some kind of financing to every prospective customer. 

FlexxExtend is the perfect extension to third party customer financing.

In today’s world, good people get turned down for credit every day and if your business sells a product or service costing more than $1,000, it’s a revenue killer. 

With our customized payment solution, you run the simple on-line  application. Your customer then e-signs the loan documents and you collect the down payment and complete your sale. We do the rest. 

Every month, the payments are processed and the funds are deposited into your bank account. To the customer, this looks and feels like any other loan keeping defaults at a minimum. 

And if you have a business that routinely has accounts receivables, you can utilize FlexxExtend as a friendly way of setting up payment plans. 

Whether your business is big or small, provide a service or sells a product, a FlexxExtend financing solution will certainly expand your customer base and provide you with an advantage over your competition. 

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Here are just some of the industries FlexxExtend can serve: