As one business to another, we feel your pain. In reality, we feel your pain times thousands because our clients, our bloodline, are all business owners just like you. This pandemic has spared no one person or business, one way or another.  Some of our clients have had to close temporarily, hopefully not forever. Others have had to let people go. All are uncertain and afraid about what comes next.

At Flexxbuy, all we can do is our part and that is to provide businesses, like yours, with products and programs that help you make sales, during good times and bad.


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  Here’s what we know:
  • Consumers, even those that have not been impacted directly, are as uncertain as we are and are less likely to part with their money or use up available credit lines no matter how much they want or need a product or service.
  • Consumers that want or need your product or service REALLY NEED a “Buy Now, Pay Later” option.
Now understand, customer financing has never been more difficult. Lenders and finance companies are as worried as you are and they don’t quite know how to risk assess consumers. That means approval rates tend to be a little lower and interest rates tend to be a little higher. It’s just the way it is. But I think that’s what you need Flexxbuy for. It’s our clear distinction.

Flexxbuy is not one lender, we are multiple lenders. We are not one solution, we are multiple solutions.


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  If your business has one lender to fund your customers and that lender either stops accepting applications or reduces its effectiveness, you have none. Flexxbuy’s solutions are designed to meet the challenges of the times. We provide:
  • One or more multiple lender platforms that offer your prospective customer/client the best opportunity of getting approved 
  • Finance options for all credit type individuals
  • Programs for almost any business regardless of age of business, revenue, place of business or how you conduct your sales
  • Platforms that can be implemented face-to-face, over the phone or online
  • In-house payment plan options that can be offered to ALL consumers (100% approval) that guarantee the payment to your business even if the consumer defaults
  • A co-branded customer financing solution designed specifically for your business
  • Back office and portal access for up-to-the-minute status and progress reports
  • Full support from the time you enroll with Flexxbuy through every application submitted and all the way through funding
  • And more…

When economic times are tough, Customer Financing and In-House Payment Plan Solutions Become More Popular.

But we don’t have our heads in the sand. We know these are anxious times for you and your business.  Our hope is that this is a valuable introduction, circumstances aside, that will last a long time. We hope that you see Flexxbuy as a long-term solution. We want to make it easier for you to commit to adding Flexxbuy to your business arsenal today because you can’t afford to miss one opportunity to sell your product or service.  We’ve put together a special promotion designed for these difficult times. 

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