The One Hundred Percent Guaranteed Buy Now, Pay Later Solution

Qualified Businesses Can Now Guarantee Financing To All Prospective Customers, Clients and Patients

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Now, You Can Finance 100 Percent Of Your Clients With A One Application/Multi-Lender Financing Program That Works For You!

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With FlexxALL, your business will be able to provide every prospect with a Buy Now, Pay Later alternative.

Imagine, marketing or advertising that you offer a One Hundred Percent Guaranteed Financing Option With Rates Lower Than Most Credit Cards!  

Do you think that will drive more sales conversations? We bet it will.

You can capture a whole new base of customers without changing much of what you do now simply by offering a Buy Now, Pay Later alternative

Keep in mind, not everyone has money in the bank or a credit card with enough available to cover a major purchase.

Doesn’t it pain you when a motivated prospect walks away because of money?

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Flexxbuy’s multi-lender platform will provide competitive terms and accommodate consumers across the entire credit spectrum.

  SUBMIT One Loan Application, Many Lending Partners, Instant Decision  

OBTAIN Real Time Pre-qualification – Offers In A Matter Of Seconds

RECEIVE Fast Funding In As Little As One Day

Here are some of the highlights: 

  • One Easy Online Application
  • Best Offers From Multiple Lenders In Seconds
  • Interest Rates Start At 4.9%
  • Loan Amounts From $500 To $100,000
  • Checking Rates Won’t Affect Credit Score
  • Drive People To Your Business That Would Otherwise Stay Home Or Go Elsewhere

And Now With FlexxALL, Your Business Can Offer Financing To Everyone

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Any Size, New or Established, Office or Home  



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