Buy Now Pay Later Customer Financing

DISCOVER The Secret Of Selling Payments Over Price- Multi-Lender Solutions For All Businesses 

Fact: If you are not offering a payment plan option, you’re losing a lot of revenue

Fact: Consumers are searching for businesses that offer affordable payments before they begin the sales process

Fact: If your competitors market payment options through their website or other marketing efforts and you don’t, they are stealing your business 

Fact: There’s still time because most business owners don’t know these facts


With Flexxbuy, your customers, 

  SUBMIT One Loan Application, Many Solutions, All Credit Criteria,  Instant Decision  

OBTAIN Real Time Pre-qualification – Offers In A Matter Of Seconds

RECEIVE Fast Funding In As Little As One Day


Offering an affordable payment option is no longer a luxury for a business. It really is a necessity. 

People that could be your customer fall into one of three categories.

One, they have the cash and/or credit card(s) and are comfortable using it so they are shopping. These are likely the consumers you get now.

Two, they have access to cash or credit card(s) but prefer not to use it. They will contact you as a last resort if they can’t find financing.

Three, they don’t have cash or available credit cards that can be used and will only contact businesses that offer some kind of financing. 

The sad truth is, that you are probably unaware of the business you are losing because you either don’t have an affordable payment option or have the wrong kind of option.

Perhaps you are under the impression that your business isn’t eligible to offer a buy now, pay later solution. Or, maybe you think that you already work with a lender so you’re all set.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that it’s almost certain that we can work with your business and if you think you’re all set , you should check with us first.

The Flexxbuy secret sauce is that we’re not just one solution or one program because your customers are not all alike.

Don’t Let A Consumer’s Credit Score Kill Your Sale Ever Again!

Let us show you how.

Here are some of the highlights: 

One Easy Online Application

Best Offers From Multiple Finance Companies In Seconds.

Interest Rates Start At 4.9%

Loan Amounts From $300 To $100,000

Checking Rates Won’t Affect Credit Score

Drive People To Your Business That Would Otherwise Stay Home Or Go Elsewhere

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Any Size, New or Established, Office or Home