Here’s How One Coaching Business Converted Lost Sales Into $1.6 Million In 45 Days Using Flexxbuy’s Everybody Is Approved Customer Financing Program!

The cost of goods and services is on the rise and across the financial service industry, lenders and creditors are tightening access to credit. Every day consumers are feeling the pinch. And for businesses that depend on customer financing to help sell high ticket products and services, the current macroeconomic climate has resulted in a decrease in lender approvals, funded loans and closed sales.

We have a front row seat to the going’s on through our platform of over thirty lenders. Lender algorithms have become more conservative as apprehension sets in regarding the performance of existing loan portfolios. As it was explained to me by one loan company executive, when they see a FICO score of 700, they don’t know if that is a stop on the way down to 600. For the financial community, uncertainty leads to paralysis.

We feel the frustration for our clients.

While acceptable financing has never been a certainty, businesses are walking away from sales they would normally be able to finalize. And with a lower close rate, higher acquisition costs lead to lower profit margins.

Now, this could all be temporary. We saw something similar at the onset of COVID and after a short time conditions stabilized. But that’s not something we are willing to count on.

At Flexxbuy, we have developed two programs that allow businesses to literally approve every customer or client for financing. As the saying goes, there is no free lunch, so the caveat is that these programs work best for businesses that have high profit margins because the amount received at the time of sale is lower than traditional financing.

For a business, the calculus has to be that making some profit now is better than losing a sale entirely.

Here’s how one of our high volume coaching clients converted their traditional financing turndowns into $1.6 million in sales contracts in 45 days.


This business is a well oiled machine when it comes to utilizing financing to complete their sales. They regularly finance a few million dollars monthly in coaching sales. At the same time, they were leaving a considerable amount of revenue on the table on people that wanted to become their clients but were unable to complete the sale.

Flexxbuy set them up with an in-house pay over time feature that allowed them the opportunity capture every sale, regardless of credit. With this program, the borrower makes monthly payments that are in turn paid to the business by a third party facilitator. The key feature of this program is that the monthly payment distribution to the business is guaranteed even in the event of a default. 

Here’s how they set up their sales.

The average contract is approximately $8,500 with an average down-payment of $300 . The client is set up with a 43 month loan at 15% interest rate. This structure allows them to compensate their sales channel and create a considerable cashflow going forward. The client receives financing at below credit card terms.

Think about what happens. They significantly reduce acquisition costs, create instant revenue that allows them to keep their sales team engaged and paid and they create long term significant cashflow. And this takes nothing away from their full payment sales. Essentially, it’s found money. 

For a business, the idea that they can focus on a sale without coming to a dead-end is priceless. 

If businesses allow us to help them get creative, we can create various models that will approve and finance EVERYONE. 

For businesses that want more money at point-of-sale and are willing to take on a bit more risk, our FlexxALL Program can be a game changer. With FlexxALL, individuals with extremely poor credit, or no credit at all, will get approved, GUARANTEED, and the business will receive 30% or 50% of their full ticket up-front. Once again, the terms to the consumer are better than what they would expect from a credit card.

When times get tough, the creative will thrive. I wish I can wave my magic wand and change the market conditions that are beginning to give us heartburn, but the best I can do is deliver solutions that help businesses be quick on their feet. Some of the most successful businesses are born and scale during the worst of times. We’re not there yet, but there’s no better time to plan than the present. 

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