Case Studies


Timeshare Disposal Business

Business assists individuals that need to get out of unwanted timeshares. Through Flexxbuy, 81 percent of all referred applicants are approved and the company generates an additional $101,000 per month in revenue.

California Law Firm

Criminal Defense Law Firm that generates $25,600 in additional revenue through Flexxbuy . Referred applicants are approved 92 percent of the time.

Florida Fence Company

A fencing home improvement business utilizes Flexxbuy to generate an additional $24,000 of monthly revenue. Of all applicants submitted, 70 percent are approved.

A Worldwide Professional Coaching Business

A company that trains coaching and consulting startups has obtained over $1.3 million in loan approvals for their clients over six months with an approval rate of over 50 percent.

Truck Driving School

Financing for vocational students is one of the most difficult business categories, but this school generates over $100,000 of approvals each month and 45 percent of applicants are approved for financing.

High End Barbecue Smokers

In three short months, this national business has submitted 260 applicants and received $1.4 million in loan offers with a 43 percent approval rate.

Sports Development Company

Sports development business that has a 67 percent approval rate on referred clients with an average funding amount of $17,700 per participant.

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