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The Leaders Behind FLEXXBUY Have Over 60 Years Of Consumer Finance And Payment Experience To Provide The Best Merchant Consumer Financing Solution In The Industry

You probably don’t remember, but at one time accepting credit card payments was a luxury for businesses. People who didn’t have the cash either waited or purchased products on lay away.

Over time, not accepting credit cards became a competitive disadvantage.

That’s where we are now with Merchant Consumer Financing.

If you aren’t seeing it, many of your competitors are offering some sort of consumer financing payment option. Maybe you don’t notice because seventy percent of people that need financing will do their research about who is offering it before they start their process. And those that don’t think they can get approved, stay home.

This is revenue you are missing out on and don’t even know it.

Here’s the good news. It’s not too late. We are still in the early stages of the merchant consumer financing era. And the folks behind the company have been around awhile and understand your needs. That’s why we’ve developed such a robust lender platform that will accommodate as many of your prospective customers as possible.

FLEXXBUY has one mission, to help businesses make more sales by providing consumers with payment options beyond their current methods.

FLEXXBUY can provide most businesses with an easy, on-line customer financing platform consisting of up to ten lenders in a snap. No need to go out and find lenders that will meet all your needs. We can provide your business with multiple lenders in a bundle without the headaches associated with going out and do it yourself.

Our formula is that we combine financial market technology with top of industry support. From the onset, we make sure you, our business client and your customers are given the best chance of success. We jump into your sale to assure that the financing component fits in smoothly.

Our experience, reputation and dedication to excellence speaks for itself. Contact us today so we can show you exactly how we can contribute to your future success.

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