Referral Thank You – WIP

Welcome to FLEXXBUY!

We look forward to working with you and helping you on your successful path with us. In the page below, you will find all of the information that you need to get started as a Referral Partner with Flexxbuy!

Your Account With Flexxbuy

As a Flexxbuy Referral Partner, your primary hub for interacting with our platform will be the Affiliate Area. This specialized dashboard will allow you to gain quick access to your affiliate information, as well as providing access to additional resources like web banners, affiliate stats, and affiliate link visits.

The Affiliate Area can be accessed from: www.flexxbuy.com/affiliate-area

In order to be credited for affiliate leads, you will need to affix a specific affiliate ID to the end of links sent to prospects.

Your affiliate id is .

To have any prospect attributed to you, simply attach /?ref= to the end of any Flexxbuy page you send out. For example, if you send a merchant to the enrollment page, send them to https://flexxbuy.com/credit-select-plus-2-4-1/?ref=, and this prospect will be attributed to you whenever they enroll.

Your affiliate ID is tracked on the prospect’s browser using cookies, meaning that as long as they arrive at the Flexxbuy website through a link with your ID, anything they do on the website will be properly attributed to you.

Navigating the Affiliate Area

The Affiliate Area is kept simple for ease of use, and navigating it shouldn’t pose much trouble.

The home screen of the Affiliate Area, labelled Affiliate Links, will list your affiliate ID, as well as the instructions for utilizing it. It will also provide you with several useful links for using the program.

The Web Banners tab will provide you with graphical banners to place on your website if you wish.

The Statistics tab will provide you with quickly accessible stats on your referrals, your earnings, website visits, and conversion rate.

The Referrals tab will provide you with a list of all submitted referrals from your account.

The Payouts tab will detail your earnings through the program.

The Visits tab will provide you with a list of all website visits that contained your affiliate ID.

Referring Prospects

As a Flexxbuy Referral Partner, your primary objective will be to refer business owners that you know to Flexxbuy. To make this easy, we have a specific splash page that you can direct prospects to that will give them an overview of Flexxbuy and help them start the enrollment process. This is available at the following link:


However, if a prospect is ready to enroll right away, then you can point them directly to the enrollment page, available at the following link:


As long as your affiliate ID is affixed to the end of the above links, you will be credited for the lead when they enroll with Flexxbuy.

Should you require any technical assistance, your contact is Dan Wolf. He can be reached at DanW@Flexxbuy.com.