Stop Losing Sales Because

People Can’t Pay

Flexxbuy’s NavStars Platform-Technology That Works Like You Do- ALL IN ONE PLACE

  • Your Own Custom In-House Customer Financing Solution
  • One No Risk Application
  • Over 25 Lenders And Solutions
  • Fast Pre-Qualified Decisions
  • Quick Funding
  • All Credit Invited
  • No Recourse, Ever
Flexxbuy is passionate about delivering technology that provides retailers, and businesses of all kinds, the ability to offer consumers access to affordable customer financing solutions. By creating a multi-solution marketplace, we seamlessly connect financing providers, merchants and consumers for fast and easy transactions. Flexxbuy’s unique technology allows the business and consumer to essentially create their own waterfall in real time.    
Flexxbuy’s NavStars platform provides the business a pool of financing providers to service borrowers across the credit spectrum.
Once an application is completed, it can be submitted to one, some or all providers by simply clicking on the Submit button describing the specific solution.
The selection of lenders and offers is between your business and the consumer, not a pre-determined waterfall.  

Our Technology, Your Process

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