Merchant Portal Guide


Flexxbuy Merchant Portal Guide


The Flexxbuy Merchant Portal is a powerful tool for tracking application statuses and viewing statistics on applications submitted. It will serve as your primary hub for engaging with the Flexxbuy platform. It can be accessed from the link below.


Flexxbuy Merchant Portal

Upon logging in for the first time, using the credentials given in your Welcome Email, you will be prompted to reset your password.

Once you have completed your password reset, you will arrive at the simple home page, below.

As you can see, there are only two options on the home page; a button to submit a loan application, which will bring you to your personalized application, and a button for reporting, which will bring you to the merchant dashboard.

The main screen on the dashboard will give you an overview of today’s submission statistics, and will reset daily. On here, you can see the amount of new loans submitted, the total loan amounts requested, the total loan amounts funded, and the number of loans funded, rejected, ineligible, and clicked (offers that were pursued by the applicant).

You will find additional options on the sidebar to the left, shown fully-expanded below.

The primary areas of interest in this sidebar are the Loan Applications page in the ‘Loan Applications’ section, and the Application Stats page in the ‘Reports’ section.

The Loan Applications page will be your primary hub for viewing submitted applications and their statuses. From this page, you can search for specific loans by ID or email address, and you can sort them by status and time-frame.

The list view, which is sortable by several criteria, as well as exportable in several formats, will show you all applications submitted and their current status. [The settings tab contains a glossary of terms used, to help understand what each status refers to.] Clicking on a loan application from the ‘Published At’ or ‘Updated At’ columns will bring up a detailed view of that specific application.

The Application Stats page will show you a detailed-breakdown of loan submission stats, which are sortable by month, and exportable in several formats.

These tools combined should make the application submission and tracking process seamless and intuitive. If there is any additional information you wish to know about the platform, or any extra help needed, you can reach out to danw@flexxbuy.com, and you will be emailed back shortly with assistance.