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If your business is not offering customer financing, it is losing out on the lion’s share of jobs you could be getting.

One Application To Multiple Lenders. Firm Approval In Seconds. Close Sale In Minutes. Get Paid Directly In Days.

They want financing and they want you to package it for them.

Here are the facts.

Fact: Offering more payment options to consumers leads to more sales and higher sales amounts

Fact: Three out of four consumers (77%) making a major purchase always seek financing

Fact: Nearly half of consumers that use financing say they would not have made the purchase if financing was not available

Fact: Seventy-percent (70%) of consumers that use financing say they search for businesses that offer financing before making contact with one

That’s rough, but someone had to let you know.

You can capture a whole new large base of customers without changing much of what you do now by turning a large investment into a monthly payment.

Step one, enroll in a customer financing solution (may I suggest Flexxbuy)

Step two, commit to making it part of your sales approach

Step three, implement it

So, what does that mean? Simply take your customer financing and make it a focal point. Turn your proposal into a monthly proposition for your customers instead of a bulk outlay. A $3,000 sale becomes a manageable payment of $94 per month.  

Remember, not everyone wants or can use existing assets or credit to make a major financial commitment. They want to compartmentalize their investment. And people today are more credit savvy. They understand that maximizing a credit card will hurt their credit score.

It has to hurt when someone wants to hire you but walks away because of money?

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So, what do you do next?

You can go out and find lenders that match your needs, or you can hire Flexxbuy to provide you with one or more simple online multi-lender platform solutions that will give your customers what they want and help you close more sales. 

With Flexxbuy, your business  receives one or more of our customized multi-lender platforms that will provide competitive terms and accommodate consumers across the entire credit spectrum.

  SUBMIT One Loan Application, Many Lending Partners, Instant Decision  

OBTAIN Real Time Pre-qualification – Offers In A Matter Of Seconds

RECEIVE Fast Funding In As Little As One Day


And with our expertise and guidance, you’ll discover how to use Flexxbuy to drive customers to your business without spending any additional money on marketing!

Flexxbuy’s goal is to provide almost every business with customer financing options. And we’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. We will match your business with a solution that best fits your market .   

Here are some of the highlights: 

One Easy Online Application

Best Offers From Multiple Lenders In Seconds

0% Promotions When Appropriate

Interest Rates Start At 5.9%

Loan Amounts From $500 To $50,000

Checking Rates Won’t Affect Credit Score

Drive People To Your Business That Would Otherwise Stay Home Or Go Elsewhere

Let Flexxbuy Help Your Business Reach New Levels Of Success. That’s What We Do!


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