FlexxALL Advance - 100% Approval Financing Regardless Of Credit Score:

  • * Customer doesn’t have to own a credit card 
  • * 12 months same as cash program  
  • * Loans up to 24 months (36 months in certain cases at different terms) at competitive rates
  • * Amounts up to $17,000  
  • * Funds deposited into your bank account

Business Criteria: Business is subject to qualifying for the program. In general, business revenue of $1 million higher is required. Business has to be able to do at minimum $100,000 per month in financing or show the potential to do it. Financial statements are required (3 month bank statements, Tax Return Schedule A, etc.). Other qualifying criteria may apply.

Cost to Business: Discounts vary by applicant’s credit score. The business has final approval on whether or not to present the offer made by the lender.

Please note that the business decides which tiers on the chart below to accept. For example, if a merchant only wants the guaranteed financing, they can only be set up for tier 4 & 5.

Here’s how it works:

On tier 4 the business is advanced 50% on the financed amount. The lender retains the monthly payment until they are paid 135% of the amount that was advanced. So, if the advance amount is $1,500, the lender keeps the payments until they are paid back $2,025. After that, the business receives 70% of the payments and the lender receives 30% of the payments in real time. The distribution is for the term of the loan.

On tier 5, it works the same except that the merchant is advanced 30% of the amount financed and the split is 80/20 after the lender is paid back 135% of the amount financed.

There is a recourse in the event the borrower defaults in the first 1-3 months. The number of months of the vulnerability depends on the strength of the business and the product/service.1

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