Flexx Revolver- Hassle Free Direct-to-Merchant Buy Now, Pay Later Solution
Flexxbuy's Direct-to-Business Buy Now, Pay Later solution with instant firm approval and direct funding to the business within 2-3 business days is here.

* Turn sales up to $25,000 into an affordable payment plan
* Everybody is approved options
* Low fees to the business

Flexible Business Acceptance Into The Program

The process almost couldn't be easier.
  1. The Simple Flexxbuy application is completed
  2. If application is approved, the options are texted to the applicant
  3. The applicant agrees to the plan
  4. The business completes an invoice in the Flexxbuy portal
  5. The invoice is sent to the applicant for authorization
  6. The applicant authorizes the invoice
  7. The sale is completed and the business  receive funds

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