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FLEXXBUY Financing

Programs Summary 

  • Credit Select Plus Customer Financing Program – See Program Guide (updated 12/14/2021) for details

Flexxbuy’s core value is to provide businesses with as many customer financing solutions as possible to give them every opportunity to complete a sale. At the core is a multi-lender platform that consists of over 20 lenders supporting prime to sub-prime consumers. Within seconds, the applicant will be presented with decisions from the lenders. In addition to the core platform, Flexxbuy also has other platform plug-ins and a-la-cart lenders and lease companies that can be offered to certain merchants, depending on industry and other select criteria. The Program Guide (see above) will provide the details on all current solutions.

Program Pricing

The Platform Development/Setup Fee is a one-time payment of $299

$0 Subscription Fees

Rebate Program: Flexxbuy will rebate the merchant $100 back for every $20,000 in successfully funded sales utilizing any of Flexxbuy’s third party lender financing platforms.

How To Make A Sale

You have two options in how you sell Flexxbuy.

  1. Refer A Merchant:  Introduce the concept of Flexxbuy to a merchant and refer the merchant to us using the link below. We handle the sales process. When sold, you earn $150 upon enrollment and 37.5% of the gross residuals for life. You’re done.
  2. Sell A Merchant: You handle the sale from start to finish. When sold, you earn $200 upon enrollment and 50% of the gross residuals for life. You’re done.


New Information

** Note: Flexxbuy has a new Partner Program software that enables you to add an ID to the end of any Flexxbuy webpage url and any prospective lead that submits a lead request or enrolls will automatically be attributed to you. We also have a new Affiliate Partner Program for partners seeking to market Flexxbuy through a website or a marketing campaign. If you’re interested in being added to the Partner Program software and receive your ID, email DanW@Flexxbuy.com and he will activate you and send instructions.

If you’re already activated, to get to affiliate area, click here.

For additional information on the Partner Program, click here


To Register A New Merchant: Register a prospect to protect the sale,  Prospective Merchant Registration Form

Refer A Merchant (Easy Start) 

Sell A Merchant 

Send The Program Description Table/Merchant Application

Below you have the link to the program plan description table/merchant applications.

  1. New Merchant Application  – On Line Merchant Application To Be Completed by Merchant  – To email to merchant, right click on link, click on Copy Link Address, and Paste the Link Address into your email

NOTE: Merchant will have the ability to pay the Enrollment/Setup Fee by Credit or Debit Card during the merchant application process

Supporting docs can be uploaded through the on-line application(s), emailed to info@flexxbuy.com, or faxed to 772-224-3283 (Flexxbuy support will handle this)

How To Make A Sale

About The Proposal Creator Tool: I am please to present our Proposal Creator Tool. This simple application allows you, within a minute, to complete a simple form with your prospect’s information and generate a professional proposal that is automatically emailed to both you and your prospect. This tool can get you selling instantly. Try it now!!

  • Step One- Start contacting prospective merchants (see script below), visiting merchants, network, etc.
  • Step Two- Register your warm lead using the  Prospective Merchant Registration Form 
  • Step Three- Prepare A customized proposal using our Proposal Creator Tool
    • Click Here, to watch the video on how to use the Proposal Creator Tool
  • Step Four- Send prospect the appropriate sales video link (see Marketing/Sales section below) – Sample email for sending Sales Video, Click Here
  • Step Five- Flexxbuy support receives completed merchant application along with any included support documents
  • Step Six- Flexxbuy admin sets merchant up in Highrise Back Office and begins program setup (we will attempt to collect any required documents not submitted and reach out to sales agent as needed)
  • Step Seven- Merchant is set up with Program(s) and contracted Enrollment Fee is collected from merchant
  • Step Eight- Merchant is trained and begins submitting loan/lease applications

Sales Video To Send Prospects 

Instructions: Right click on the  link and copy link address. In an email or text, send prospective merchant the link to the video.

Sample email for sending Sales Video, Click Here

** If you are planning a marketing campaign and want to request custom creatives (email, video, banner, etc.), complete this form,  click here


Please note: Available Programs are subject to change. Refer to the Program Guide for the current available Programs. 

Training Webinar- Customer Financing Solutions In The New Economy (added 6/5/2020)

Introduction to Flexxbuy NavStars Platform

  5 Minutes To Selling Flexxbuy  – 1/25/2019




Program Specific

Program Guide– Program Descriptions and Business Category (Vertical) Matrix (updated 12/14/2021)

Note: for editing or personalizing sales and marketing materials, it is best to use a PDF editor. http://www.pdfescape.com is a free tool that works very well. Otherwise, search for other free pdf editor programs.