How It Works

Participating In FLEXXBUY Is Quick And Easy

The first step is for us to understand your business so we can propose the exact lending platform that fits your needs. To complete our proposal request form, click here . You can also complete the form on the right and one of our representatives will get back to you quickly.

Once we understand your business and its needs, we will then match the platform and lender(s) that will produce the best results for you and your customers.

There is no obligation to accept our proposed solution and we never force our Business Partners into long-term contracts. This is about fulfilling your needs and should we ever fail to accomplish that goal, you are free to cancel. We are very confident it will never come to that.

Once you agree on the solutions, we will enroll you and build it for you.

As a  FLEXXBUY Business Partner, we work hand-in-hand to fine tune your offers for optimum results. While no financing solution will ever approve one hundred percent of applicants, our goal is to provide a solution for all those that are worthy of a second look.

Most of our Business Partners will be provided with a platform that will accommodate customers that have excellent credit and those that have sub-prime or even poor credit, but are now financially stable.

Here’s our promise to you. Since our success is tied to your success, we will never be satisfied until you are getting the results you expect.

Together, we make a team.