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Helping Your Customers Get What They Want When They Want It

FLEXXBUY is a leader in the industry. The folks behind the company have over fifty years of consumer financial and merchant services experience. In a nutshell, we know what businesses need to grow and operate their business and have the pulse of American consumers.

FLEXXBUY has one mission, to help businesses make more sales by providing consumers with payment options beyond their current means, primarily through financing.

FACT ONE: Millions of small and medium size businesses are losing sales to larger competitors because they don’t offer an in-house financing option because they don’t think they qualify for one or need one.

FACT TWO: FLEXXBUY can provide most businesses with an easy, on-line customer financing platform consisting of up to ten lenders in a snap.

FACT THREE: Given the choice, most consumers would rather finance larger purchases than use their own resources and a recent survey suggested that seventy percent of consumers that unitized consumer financing would not have purchased if not for financing.

Our formula is that we combine financial market technology with top of industry support. From the onset, we make sure you, our business client and your customers are given the best chance of success. We jump into your sale to assure that the financing component fits in smoothly.

Our experience, reputation and dedication to excellence speaks for itself. Contact us today so we can show you exactly how we can contribute to your future success.

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